Projective Instruments

by Not Otherwise Specified

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released February 25, 2014

Written and Performed by Not Otherwise Specified except*
*Signal to Noise Written by Peter Gabriel
Recorded at Weeping Angel Studios
Produced by Craig Kerley and Jerry Guidroz
Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Guidroz
Artwork by Chris van der Linden

Additional Musicians:
Rodrigo San Martin - Guitar Solos on Falling, Fine Dead Song, Travels and Again
Fernando Refay - Keyboard Solos on Falling and The Starting Line
Jason Rowland - Guitar Solos on Harvest Soul

NOS would like to thank:
My wife and family for their love, tolerance, and support. Rodrigo, Fernando, and Jason for their creative input and chops. Jerry for his engineering skills and as a creative second perspective on these songs.

Visit us online at:




Not Otherwise Specified Atlanta, Georgia

Inspired by the likes of Dream Theater, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Avenged Sevenfold, Riverside, and Symphony X, Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) delivers their own style of Prog Metal with a modern aggressive punch.
Since the release of NOS's second album Projective Instruments, NOS has become a 6-member live band.
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Track Name: Harvest Soul
And when you just can’t seem to find your way
The subtle tastes of life are all but gone away
And once there’s nothing left to say
Your biggest flaw is your desire to keep the pain at bay

So now the fruit’s ripe on the vine
So perfect they can take their time
They teach their grotesque pantomime
Using power that’s hard to define

And now the time is right to warp your point of view
You question motive, brace your mind, but there’s nothing you can do
And once you think your thoughts are your own
The shift will come so you won’t be alone

Well I don’t know
And I can’t see
Is there another chance to stand up and be free?
If I can’t find what I think I should be
Then will I hold my arms up high to take the puppet strings?

And if there’s a way to make you see
This path you’re on won’t set you free
You can’t lose the will that makes you feel
That this is all but real

But left all alone then there won’t be
The voice that screams to disagree
Then what is the chance that this could be
Your Harvest Soul in front of me?

But once a man decides
That he is right and all others are wrong
The screws will start to turn
And then he’ll find it won’t be long

But if he finds the will
To recognized the fallacy at play
Then seeds grow into hope
He’ll live to fight another day

The lights now dim and he’s alone
And there is not another way back home
The changing scene reveals his goal
”They’ll never get to claim my Harvest Soul!”

I wanted to find the righteous way
But I can’t take another day
I don’t know if it’s sunny out or grey
Guess it doesn’t matter either way

I needed to keep the pain at bay
But I’ll have to find another way
I thought I could trust in what they say
Until I saw it in the light of day
Track Name: Hold On
Well once there was a way
Where empathy was still okay
But now it seems that its a weakness
Ridiculed and wrong today

But if there is a chance
Another way to dance
Respect being earned through kindness
It doesn't seem to matter now

But, Hold on
You think you’ve got a better way
But the fabric of our lives will fray
But, Hold on
You think you’ve got the best of me
Maybe one day you’ll wake up and see

The broken hearted’s fall
So distant that he can’t recall
Now it turns to stone so he wont
Have to feel the pain at all

Can’t pay the price to play.
To jump into the fray.
But if you steel your heart to Caring
You can do it anyway

But, hold on
Your choices don’t make you feel free
So you think you’ll take it out on me.
But, hold on
IF I adopt a better way
Dude you won’t see it anyway

I don’t dance
And I don’t sing
But if you give enough attention
I just might try I’ll try anything

I don’t care
I don’t have the time to spare
So if you want a piece of me
I guess you’ll have to wait and see

I don’t know
I can’t see
You’re Cries for help are not likely
To have any effect on me

But I wont try
And I wont feel
The choice I make to take this stance
Will mean there is no second chance

But, hold on
If there’s a chance to make it through
Its Meaning has been lost on you.
But, hold on
You think you’ve got a better way
But we just won’t make it anyway
Track Name: Falling
I can’t find a way to turn back
It all seems inane to me
If there is a chance to feel then
It should just be plain to see

Plates are shifting
Heavy lifting
Gravity just brings me down
The ground is churning
Without warning
There’s no other way but down

When there’s a warning in your heart
You’ll end up falling on your own again
But still you just can’t see your part
You end up . . .

Falling on your own
There is nothing left to say
But I can’t get back home
No matter how hard I try

Thinking that I’ve grown
Can’t believe it’s not enough
Forgetting all I’ve known
This is where it’s really tough

There’s just not a better way
Can’t wait for another day
To claim the things I think that I’ve known
Can’t find the steps to this dance
But I don’t want a second chance
When I choose to make it on my own

I don’t know and I don’t care
And it won’t get me anywhere
I cannot find a thing to share
If there’s a hell you’ll find me there

It’s alright and I’m OK
I’ll start my climb another day
But for now I think I’ll stay
And make this place my home

When the daylight comes
I think I’ll finally fly
But when the moment‘s done
I find I hardly try

But when I get back home
I’ll find another way
To pull myself back up
And start my way back

Mores shifting
Moral sifting
Social norms just bring me down.
The world is burning
Lost in yearning
Precious time before we drown

When there’s a warning in your heart
You’ll end up falling on your own again
So now it starts to fall apart

Falling on my own
There is nothing left to say
Now I can’t get back home
No matter how hard I try

Thinking that I’ve grown
Can’t believe it’s not enough
Forgetting all I’ve known
This is where it’s really tough

If there is a better way
It doesn’t seem clear today
It’s time to now rethink what I’ve known
It’s not too late to learn dance
Do I deserve a second chance?
The key is not to do it all alone

I don’t know and I don’t care
And will it get me anywhere?
Can’t look at my Feet and stare
Can I come up to breathe the air?

It’s alright and I’m OK
I think I’ll start my climb today
Have to leave, I cannot stay
I have to get back home

Now I know this is the way
To take some real Control today
To change all of the things that I’ve known
Can’t afford to stop and whine
I’ve gotta do it right this time
Or find another chance has been blown

So now I know, and now I care
I feel I can go anywhere
My Soul at last can be laid bare
Beyond the need to pay the fare

I finally have the chance to say
That I have found my place today
No longer in the game we play
That takes us far from home.
Track Name: Racing Shadows
The Starting line

And once you start to feel the man that grows inside
You know that time's already flown
But if you choose to leave what falls before your eyes
You’ll have to make it on your own

And as you find the moment starts to spin your head
What once was now is what could be
But if you feel that this is what you want instead
Then all at once it sets you free

And there's a time, a time to make things right
Its gotta come into your heart
But once a man despises all he sees
He needs to find his way back

Home always waits for you
When there's nothing left to find
I cannot fall for this
I’m on my way


Lemmings walking down the street with pockets full of hope.
Saucer-eyed nihilists, who can't afford the rope
Heading toward the precipice without a thought or care.
Blissfully ignorant to what waits for them there

Have to swim against the tow
Terrified by what we know
Cannot follow, have to go
Knowing what we reap we sow

In between the ebb and tide of the ever changing flow
Take a breath and hold it tight
And never let it go

And now the chance presents itself to finally reach for what is owed
While grabbing for the things that only seem to be there
The feeling of entitlement reveals a fatal flaw to show
The jackyls and the snakes the fertile hunting grounds here

Look at me
Cause I can’t see myself
I won’t see
That I am on a shelf

Now I’m walking down the street without a place to go
Burdened by my accolades with nothing else to show.
Straddling the edge of life not Sure which way to fall
Agonizing daily with the folly of it all

Have to swim against the flow
Terrified I’m my own foe
Cannot follow, have to grow
Recognizing I don’t know

With the past tight on my heels I must choose the better track
Drop my head and clench my fists
And never once look back

I’m the Man

I don’t want to make it past where anyone has gone
I cannot say with certainty if I will die unknown
But when I chose to take the chance to hope for better things
It’s easy to convince myself there are no in-betweens

I have made my plan
I think, I’m the man
Hard roads lay ahead
But the pain that I feel, is in my head

Never stopping long to rest has now become the norm
Taking time to Smell the coffee, seems to be bad form
I just can’t stand wasting time, I’ll sleep when I am dead.
All the people in my way, they have me seeing red

I have made my plan
I think, I’m the man
Large hills are in my way
But the pain that I feel, is all ok

Fine Dead Song

I try with all of my might
To form the melody strong
Now I can't make it alright
But it’s a fine dead song

And I cannot find a way
And I cannot make the grade
And I cannot find my way
And I cannot just sail away

And I don’t know how to play
This game that torments me today
And I can’t do what I say
So I guess I'll just have to stay

Won’t see the world through their eyes
So many ways to be wrong
Now perfect in its demise
Still it’s a fine dead song

And I cannot find a way
And I cannot make the grade
And I cannot find my way
And I cannot just sail away

And I don’t know how to play
This game that torments me today
And I can’t do what I say
So I guess I'll just have to stay

And I cannot talk anymore
So many obstacles impede my flow
And I cannot scream anymore
I want to end this dream of growing old


And as you wake to find you never were asleep
You know you cannot start again
The way you choose to live determines what you keep
It’s where you are not where you’ve been

And it’s the time, the time to make things right
Now that it’s come into your heart
But once a man embraces all he sees
He knows he’s found his way back

Home always waits for you
When there's nothing left to find
I now see all of this
I’m on my way
Track Name: Caveat
In the time
Before concerns consumed me
A simpler life
Seemed so much less for want
Objectives aimed
At slight and fleeting outcomes
With nothing but my failing pride to flaunt
While thinking that I’m sure of what I want

Aspiring to
A throne of our own making
With haughty goals
We settle for much less
In golden chains
One can convince themselves they're free
While tethered to their comfort like the rest
So caught up in the need for what is best

A wise man said
Be careful what you wish for
Or you might find
That all your hopes are burned
The greener fields
Place blinders on the want for more
The consequence will match what has been earned
But I can't say that I was never warned

Checking out
From all life’s tribulations
Leaves one with
A soft but vapid smile
Nestled safe
In Synthetic cradles
Little gained But to avoid the trial
Oblivious to living for awhile

Looking out
we’re wrapped in disappointment
While inside
We wait for something more
If we find
The source of our discomfort
We lose the battle but could win the war
And realize that there is so much more

Now I pray
For calm and understanding
Simple peace
Accepting what I know
What wont charge
Can truly make you stronger
A failure that’s so beautiful you grow

But how I’m going to get there I don’t know